Cocktails_for_a_Crowd_COVERMy new book, Cocktails for a Crowd, is now available for pre-order!

Here’s the description:  In this tasty little volume, wine and spirits expert Kara Newman offers 42 fail-safe recipes for making great cocktails in batches, proving that no host need ever spend the evening trapped behind the bar. With advice on measuring and conversion techniques, helpful hints on balancing flavors, and plenty of tips for preparing ahead of time, the delights of drinks usually prepared individually are easily duplicated on a larger scale. Enriched with 24 color photographs, this useful book makes a winning gift for summer entertaining.

Official launch date is May 14, 2013!



Book-Cover-850My second book, The Secret Financial Life of Food, is available for purchase!

The book tells the stories behind the agricultural commodities market, like the rise and fall of pork belly futures, or the wealthy “butter & egg men,” who joked that their wives were plump “because they buttered their bread on both sides.”

But don’t worry, tipplers, there’s plenty of booze in the book too. I couldn’t talk about sugar trade without bringing in Demon Rum, or grain futures without referencing whiskey! There’s even a section about the all-but-forgotten American Liquor Exchange, which set booze prices after the repeal of Prohibition.




Selected reviews for The Secret Financial Life of Food

The Secret Financial Life of Food is a refreshing and much-needed look from a different perspective: food as commodity…The book clearly and elegantly documents the growth of various forms of commodities trading, everything from coffee to spices to soybeans…The Secret Financial Life of Food is a neatly composed, thoughtful history of a vital but often overlooked sinew of American life.” –The Washington Post


My first book, Spice & Ice:  60 tongue-tingling cocktails, is now available as a Kindle book.

The paperback book is also available for purchase from the following outlets:





Selected reviews for Spice & Ice

“If you like your cocktails to give off a little heat or tantalize your tongue with an unexpected burst of flavor, Spice & Ice is one book you’ll want nearby.” –Epicurious

Named as one of Five Great Cookbooks for Spices –Serious Eats

“Spicy is hot, both in the mouth and as a flavor trend…Spice & Ice is sure to heat up the bar.” –Cheers Magazine

“This beautiful little drink book, with its novel recipes and lovely photography, would be a welcome addition to the collection of any bartender or drink enthusiast that is ready to experience something new and exciting.” –

Drink of the Week – Imbibe Magazine


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